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Great services. Fair prices. Less worry.



Tired of worrying about the upkeep of your rental property? Concerned about your property when you are out of town? Let us worry for you! Tormoehlen Property Mangement is dedicated to taking care of your rental property or snow-bird houses. 100%. 


Our investors and property owners enjoy their leisure time while we take care of the work and worry.

  • Adverstise, interview, show and manage all leasing paperwork including rigorous potential tenant screening. 

  • Perform rental property inspections. 

  • Communicate with tenants and provide emergency maintenance. 

  • Collect rental payments and deposit into clients financial institution of choice or via ACH transfer.

  • Facilitate evictions, when necessary.

  • Manage all maintenance and repair (see menu below).


Maintenance and Repair Services:

  • Lawn maintenance - we specialize in mowing your yard with push mowers only. No zero turns or riders means less damage to lawn, trees and sprinklers. 

  • Spring clean-up

  • Mulching

  • General maintenance

  • Gutter cleaning

  • Small repair jobs

  • Painting


Why owners trust Tormoehlen Property Management with their properties:

  • Local experience

  • Cost-effective pricing

  • Thorough tenant background checks

  • Centralized accounting

  • Maintance and emergency services



Let us take your worries away!


Contact us today:


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